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…a high-achiever. You’re a professional, an executive, a performer, an athlete or an entrepreneur.

…highly committed and you’re willing to dive deep into what the struggle with your thoughts and mind is costing you and you are brave enough to claim what you want most, a resilient and unconquerable mindset. If you’re just curious please do more research before booking.

….socially, professionally and financially stable but you struggle tremendously with your mindset and you realize you can’t figure this out on your own.

…willing to work hard and you’re excited to finally create massive change in your life and business and you are ready to take action right now.

IF this is you then absolutely complete this application.

You will be speaking to one of our coaches on the call. They are experts at helping you gain clarity on what your next steps are and truthfully qualify if you’re a right fit for our program (not everyone is). They will help you make the best decision for you.

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“The first time I invited Fernanda onto my stage, I knew she was up to big things! Here is a superwoman on a mission to change the world. It's no wonder, that she won our annual Breakthrough of the Year Award as was voted on by over 200 attendees at our live event. A passionate leader who’s inspiring her audience to rise to the next level. I can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next! She is known for inspiring others to become the best version of themselves. If you want a stellar coach who is willing to guide you from point A to point B and hold you to your vision so that you can create breakthrough after breakthrough, you’ll find that in her. Highly recommended.“

James WeDMoRE

Gwen Lane - Founder at Spark Society - Founder & CEO at The LA Girl

Julie King - Pinterest Marketing Strategist for Entrepreneurs at Julie King

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