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“The first time I invited Fernanda onto my stage, I knew she was up to big things! Here is a superwoman on a mission to change the world. It's no wonder, that she won our annual Breakthrough of the Year Award as was voted on by over 200 attendees at our live event. A passionate leader who’s inspiring her audience to rise to the next level. I can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next! She is known for inspiring others to become the best version of themselves. If you want a stellar coach who is willing to guide you from point A to point B and hold you to your vision so that you can create breakthrough after breakthrough, you’ll find that in her. Highly recommended.“

- James Wedmore


High-End Thinking

Thought, Consciousness and Mindfulness for High-Performers

Experience More Breakthroughs Without the Breakdowns


You know you’re meant for more. But for whatever reason you can’t break through the inner glass ceiling.

You are hiding behind a to-do list.

The thought that you’ll be exactly where you are today in a year scares the shit out of you.

Maybe you carry shame around not having accomplished what you set out to do...So many projects started. None finished. Or maybe you are a finisher but there’s this ONE goal that no matter how hard you try you can’t achieve it. It frustrates the crap out of you because you’re a high achiever and inconsistency is not your jam.

Or maybe…

  • Your launch tanked and you break down and it takes you forever to get back up again

  • You don’t get the promotion you were hoping for and you’re devastated...for like ever

  • You feel like giving up because you do not get the validation you need (and it’s emotionally draining)

  • You don’t receive the approval you were hoping for and you feel like giving up

  • Your bank account is empty and you’re freaking out, the whole month is lived as an anxious mess...which of course affects your mojo!

In other words. You are not where you wanna be.

You are a high achiever and executive at heart but man, failure hits you hard and you wish you could just dust it off quickly and be all like “bring it” and play even more fearlessly. But you don’t.

You are struggling with the ”how” to become the person you need to become in order to achieve massive success. You wake up as the same old you every single day….

...overwhelmed and and (definitely) not taking the right action.

You feel stuck.

You’re starting to wonder if the next level was not meant for you. Your inner blocks are solid as stone and no matter what you do you can’t release it. And of course you’ve tried everything. Therapy, journaling, goal setting, productivity tools, crystals, reiki, coaching and talking it out with a shaman (because hello high achiever) but you’re lost in what the next step is.

You want a transformation. You really do.

You’ve heard about mindfulness, but you don’t understand HOW mindfulness will help you perform better and get to Point B faster. So you dismiss it. You are frustrated with the lack of success but slowing down scares you. You believe that if you slow down, even for just a second, it will halt your progress and that’s the last thing you want.

I get it.

I did too.

You don’t have time to waste, you want fast results. You’ve been to seminars on goal setting. You’ve tried upping your productivity tools. You’ve invested in programs to help you perform better.

The thing is you’re already at full speed. You think so fast, others have a hard time keeping up. You already operate at 50k feet...when you are in alignment that is…but when you’re stuck at the ground level you can’t seem to find your way up again.

So how do you rise faster and get up quickly when you’ve fallen down? How do you become truly unstoppable?

But most important of all.

How on earth do you break through the inner glass ceiling that’s holding you back?

Apparently it’s not through DOING. Because you got black belt in that department. You’re a badass ninja at getting shit done.

So that’s not ”it”.

You’re so ready for a major up-leveling. You just don’t know what kind of mindset upgrade is needed. You’ve heard of others talking about ”effortless doing” and ”changing your mindset” and ”raising your consciousness” but ”what the heck does that even mean???

Seriously. Enough with that woo-woo stuff.

”Just tell me what to do!!!” you say.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

  • It’s NOT through DOING that creates massive transformation and massive results

  • It’s NOT through goal setting systems and taking action steps that you reach your dreams

  • It’s NOT through willpower, grit and working your bun off that you break through to the next level

…and it sure ain’t through positive affirmations and ”clearing your energy” (ugh!).

The only reason you haven’t achieved your vision for the life you so deeply long for is because you’ve been looking in the wrong direction.

Outside instead of inside.

Without, instead of the place where the answer was all along, within.

The truth is that the capacity to experience this kind of depth and inner peace CAN be learned, practiced and even mastered. Curiosity, grounding and embodiment of the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought will unlock a realm of possibility in your life and your relationships that you have only dreamt of.

You can’t dissolve the internal blocks that are keeping you in the same old negative pattern by lighting candles, thinking positively or going to a one-off therapy/healing/clearing session here and there. The brain can only be rewired with the power of the mind and to do so it takes dedicated practice and knowledge of how to actually do it.

It takes shifting from one mental state to the other and by doing so entering higher states of consciousness. It takes dedication and consistency. To truly cultivate the skill of mastering your mind it requires patience and commitment.

It’s not about working harder, but smarter.

It’s about knowing how to tap into the minds resources and entering a state of flow and undivided attention.

Deep down you want to create the impossible, but you don’t know where to start looking or which direction to take. You wish someone could show you how to master your mind…


I'm Fernanda

If you feel you’ve tried everything to get your creative energy flowing and step up to the next level but you feel lost and have no idea where to begin, then you’re in the right place. I won’t tell you the answers or the steps to reach your goals and dreams (because I don’t have them). I will, however, be your fearless coach and point you in the right direction.


Whether you’re:

  • A super successful person who’s achieved great success in life and professionally, but wants to stop struggling with yourself, with the world and dreams of a different way of doing life

  • An entrepreneur or professional looking to live life with more ease and joy and wants to achieve what seems like the one impossible goal (massive success!)

  • A high achiever wanting to explore a new understanding of how to show up and play the game of life at a higher level in a more resilient and fearless way

This program will broaden your capacity to create a life you love and it will open up a door to inner endless possibilities.

You’ll resurface with a radical different way of living, doing and most importantly BEING.

Who this is for:

People who are ready to grow and expand to a higher level of consciousness
People who want to learn how to become ultra-resilient and unstoppable
People who want to be fierce leaders of their own (inner) worlds




A Journey to Self Mastery


”It was never about DOING. It was always about BEING.”

Being on Tellus is a transformative experience that will break all the rules on goal setting and teach you how to rewire the way you think about high performance and mastering the the game of life.

In this program, you’ll discover an inside-out way of doing life. A spiritual as well as practical way of harnessing your inner power.

Each module in the program was carefully designed to methodically walk you through your transformation.

Each lesson walks you through a different approach to achieving your goals and dreams and creating a life by design.

You’ll also receive powerful guided meditations, audios, tools and hacks that align with the core lessons from the program.

Throughout the program you’ll receive daily mini missions designed to give you clarity and momentum and support you every step of your journey to self-mastery.


  • Lessons that’ll show you how to play the game of life without being attached to the outcome.

  • Lessons that will teach you how to become your best self, be fearless in your pursuit of your goals and how to create your very own reality.

  • You’ll get a deeper understanding of how the human experience works and what you need to practice to create your desired reality.

  • Tools to help you overcome obstacles and how to walk through fear and doubt. I’ll guide you through the process to dismantle any obstacle and expand your capacity to conquer the impossible.

  • Guided meditations, audios, tools, tapping scripts and many other techniques to ground your intentions and align yourself with what you most want.

  • The option to watch or listen to all lessons. The course provides both video and audio downloads plus transcripts for each lesson.

  • Daily mini missions to get you to take micro action an implement what you learn.

  • Bonus Classes with guest experts on goal setting, neuroscience and spirituality.

  • Weekly live group coaching calls where you’ll get clarity, coaching and directions so that you can understand and embody what you are learning

+ You’ll get lifetime access to the program material.

After taking the Being on Tellus Course you’ll leave doubt, fear and overwhelm behind and you’ll be stepping in to your new reality ready to conquer your (inner) world.


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